Program Information

The center offers a full-time care and education program for 7 infants, 26 toddlers and 28 preschool children. University affiliated families who wish to enroll their child in our program should add their name to our wait list as early as possible. There is a one-to-two year wait for most programs, so we encourage families to look into a number of child care options within the community. We offer spaces to wait listed families based on the date they are added to the list, upcoming openings in their child’s age group, and a one-third affiliation split across enrollment.

EECCC is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. during the academic year, and Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. during the summer. SU affiliated families enroll for a full academic year of care and have the option of enrolling in one, both or neither of the summer sessions. We also offer optional weeks during which families can decide to opt out of care for the week and pay no tuition. These weeks are in keeping with Syracuse University’s academic schedule.

The center is staffed by teachers who have a combined 175 years of experience teaching young children. The majority of our teachers have worked at the center for over 15 years, and most hold a bachelor’s or master’s degree in early childhood education or a related fields. SU students work as assistants at the center. We also provide opportunities for students across disciplines to participate at the school on class projects, field placements and observations of children and teachers.

The center hosts educational workshops for parents, students and teachers. Experts have provided informative sessions on topics such as sleep, asthma, transitions, and developing healthy eating habits. EECCC holds a number of events each year, including new parent orientation, an annual fall welcome event, classroom potluck dinners and quarterly Parent Committee meetings. There are also ongoing opportunities for parents to volunteer in the classrooms, on-campus explorations, and in our gardens.

Our building offers a unique environment for learning. Our large rooms and well-thought-out classroom spaces allow children to feel comfortable exploring space and materials, and encourage interactions with others. There is a designated nap area, away from the regular classroom spaces. The toddler and preschool classrooms have small rooms adjacent to the main rooms as well as art studio space.

We have a large, fenced-in outdoor space with lower and upper play areas that include hiking trails, rolling hills, swings, climbing trees, willow huts and other small spaces, water and music elements and a vast array of gardens. Our space was recognized as an outstanding play space for young children in the book “Outdoor Playscapes” by Rusty Keeler.

We host visiting artists, musicians, and parent experts at the center each year. We currently offer weekly yoga sessions for children in the toddler and preschool classrooms. Our focus is on building relationships and partnering with families.


The Infant Room currently serves 7 infants, six weeks to 18 months old. We have 2-3 teachers in the classroom at all times.

The Toddler A classroom serves 13 children, 18 months to three years. We have 2-3 teachers in the classroom at all times.

Toddler B serves 13 children ages 18 months to three years. We have 2-3 teachers in the classroom at all times.

The Preschool serves 28 children ages three to five years. We have 3-4 teachers in the classroom at all times.

We look forward to the possibility of serving your child at our center in the future.